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 Understand what's really in the bills that affect your life. Stay informed, and make your voice heard. 

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Imagine a world where every U.S. citizen is informed and up to date about the legislation that will impact them and shape their communities.

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Imagine an America where we actively follow what our representatives are voting on.

This is the world we are creating—join us.

It’s the 2030s and every voting-age American has access to straightforward summaries of legislation—in their preferred language. Knowledge about legislation is equally AND EASILY dispersed; people wake up in the morning and open Corridor to see updates about legislation AFFECTING their communities. When elections come around, people know WHERE THE CANDIDATES STAND—and they can comprehend our straightforward summaries OF THE ISSUES without having to study political science (or English) first.


Elections HAVE BECOME SIMPLER BECAUSE THEY REFLECT the needs, desires, hopes, and dreams of every American. This more perfect democracy is the future Corridor ENVISIONS.


Our success will be measured by how MUCH AMERICAN CITIZENS OF ALL BELIEFS AND BACKGROUNDS ENGAGE IN THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS. You can help us build this future.

Our Service

Corridor delivers essential information on the bills that impact you on a cozy, warm, and streamlined app. 

Policy Areas

Congress assigns one of 32 broad policy areas to each bill, determined by legislative analysts in the Congressional Research Service. 

Truth comes from the ground up.

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